Freaking out in a troubled world

My name is Ann Zimmerman. Me, myself, and my dog are living in Winston Salem NC. I was born and raised in Louisiana, mostly New Orleans, and considered myself a Southern girl until I moved here (they showed me how to live the identity properly). I had never had my heart blessed or seriously called anyone a Yankee until I moved here, but now I’m all in.

I’m a Saints fan in Carolina Panthers territory. I graduated from Newcomb College (now Tulane University) back in the day with a B.A. in English, accomplished drinking habits, and a healthy fear of graduate school. Raised Roman Catholic, I am the product of thirteen years of Catholic school education, post-Vatican II, and though I am not a practicing Catholic these days, internal alarms remain active to prevent me from eating meat on a Friday and making a sacrifice during Lent. Fortunately, I am no longer compelled to receive ashes on Ash Wednesday.

I love music, and play several instruments at a dangerously mediocre skill level. Singing is another matter entirely, and profess to being able to ably carry a tune only a short distance. I can’t dance, nor do I particularly enjoy dancing. I’m an only child, so am somewhat of a lone wolf, accustomed to doing my own thing in my own time. I started this blog because friends were getting tired of reading all this stuff on FaceBook. I generally enjoy writing, and I have stuff to say. I can be loud and opinionated, and lacking in social skills, but I mean well. Really. I’m loyal to a fault, suck at choosing serious playmates, and wear my heart on my sleeve. At this point in my life, I could do better, but this is what I got. Sue me about the rest of it – I’m too old to be worrying about what anybody things any longer.

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