Domination and submission

I was having a discussion about recent events last night, with some folks I normally do not engage in such discussions. I didn’t initiate that discussion, with recovery folks; it’s usually suggested to not engage in religious or political topics in our groups, in order to avoid partisan bias that could distract us from ourContinue reading “Domination and submission”

Pushback, and race riots for all

I don’t remember this at all. It’s pretty interesting, and I noted with great interest that streetcars were horse-drawn back then. I can’t imagine a horse lugging that whole contraption with several people aboard. Hopefully, they treated animals better during those times, because when there were still mules dragging carriages full of tourists around theContinue reading “Pushback, and race riots for all”

War is hell

Dateline, domicile central. 22 January 2021. In an unprovoked attack, my lower gastrointestinal (GI) tract waged war on my wholly unsuspecting physical apparatus (body). The otherwise ill-prepared body was unable to fight back, and the GI tract secured its first victory in a long-standing conflict. Citing multiple grievances involving spices and snacks known to beContinue reading “War is hell”