I’m not OK, but that’s OK

Today has been…productive? Maybe. Therapy session this morning was surprisingly illuminating (not that illumination is a total anomaly). Somehow, we got onto the subject of some things I’ve been writing about here, and found ourselves on the topic of developmental issues of childhood, issues like attachment. I had never explored this issue before, and theContinue reading “I’m not OK, but that’s OK”


Is time wasted when you have no measure? Is a lesson wasted without a student? Is beauty wasted without the beholder? Is talent wasted without an audience? Time keeps going, lessons keep teaching, beauty keeps flowering, talent keeps making itself known. We keep finding reasons to be humbled by the effortless effort of the UniverseContinue reading “Wasted”

X marks the spot

“Woe to that land that’s governed by a child.” (Richard III, act 2, sc.3, l.11.) “I feel like I’m waiting on something that’s not going to happen.” (Janet Fitch, author of White Oleander) “I hate that I’m still hoping.” (unknown) I was searching for quotes about the insurrection of January 6th, about government, about politics,Continue reading “X marks the spot”

Rebels with a cause

Still reflecting on the events in D.C. on the Epiphany (Catholic roots are showing – sue me). January 6th, at least in Catholic tradition, is the day when three kings from the East (the Orient) made their way to visit the newly born Jesus Christ, still in the humble manger outside Bethlehem. They made anContinue reading “Rebels with a cause”

I don’t know, and neither do you

So, here we go. Or more accurately, here I go (what’s this “we” stuff?). People have been nudging me for years to start a blog…but i still don’t know exactly what a blog does, or how it’s different from me prattling on FaceBook or even Twitter. Yeah, I get the character limit thing in Twitter,Continue reading “I don’t know, and neither do you”